Half Life Weapon Mutator Pack

Half Life Weapon Mutator

Half Life Weapon Mutator is a metamod addon that adds new weapons to a Half-Life game. Newer versions will provide an interface in order that users or administrators can modify weapons to their liking. Such an interface can also provide customization and extra weapon slots for weapon templates that can be customized by users in order to create more unique or personalized weapons. The current version of WMP is 1.0. The current public release is a beta. We are awaiting beta testing results which may be sent to xoleras@DigitalSerpent.org. If the ES group evaluation version of the mod is being used, users can also post on the group forum.

Different versions of the mod are intended for different games. Currently only the Sven Coop version is publicly available, but because HLWMP is largely portable, it can be transferred over to most Half Life mods with multiplayer support. Single player support is not being discussed as an option.

Half Life Weapon Mutator was created by Xoleras. Credits for non-imported models go to Sharpshooter, Rimrook and Ghoul-bb.

Download the latest version of Sven Coop WMP.